Netflix Culture Slides

I just ran across these very impressive slides about Netflix culture, even though they’ve been out for a while.


I especially like how they go against many of the old saws I’ve seen in management books, and then give reasons (but not evidence) to back up their principles. The argument against loyalty, both from company to employee and vice versa, is food for thought.

The most interesting point in the slides to me is their analysis of why companies become more bureaucratic as they grow. Their hypothesis is that small startups have high talent levels, that top talent is self-motivating and requires less supervision overhead, and that the typical company growth pattern results in talent dilution. The end result is that more supervisory bureaucracy is needed to manage the diluted talent. Netflix’s answer is to strive hard to maintain the talent density, which enables a much flatter organizational hierarchy and thus less bureaucratic process. It’s a nice argument, though I’d really like to see if there is any research backing this up.

If I ever decide to become a manager or join a startup, I’ll definitely keep these principles in mind. Unlikely, however, as I enjoy coding too much to give that up.